About me

My career evolution

Embarking on a career journey is like navigating a dynamic maze, and I'm here to be your guide through its twists and turns.

In a world where careers are as versatile as ever, my own professional voyage has been a mosaic of experiences, morphing through eight distinct roles across four diverse sectors—information technology, food and facilities management, travel retail, and higher education. This odyssey led me to crisscross five countries, dwelling in the cultural richness of the US, France, UAE, Morocco, and my homeland, India. Along the way, I've set foot in over 20 countries across Europe, North America, and the Middle East and North Africa, imbibing the essence of each.

Success, for me, is an ever-evolving concept. Over a decade, I've been adapting, unlearning, and relearning. This kaleidoscope of experiences forged the path to my current role as a career counselor. 

As a career counselor

Over the last eight years, I've been on the frontline, counseling and guiding hundreds of students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds. I have played a pivotal role in establishing the career services offices at Ashoka University and at O.P. Jindal Global University. Currently, I assist Krea University students in mapping out their career trajectories.

Areas covered